Avalanche Day, the annual festival and ceremony

Every year we plan a collection of events, a mix of training activities and live performances as musical shows or reenactment events, based on an historical approach.

Communication is based on the identification of 3 target groups towards which we plan to design appropriate activities: 

  • schools 
  • universities,
  • citizens 

The cultural background varies, from academics and people involved in research and cultural activities to those interested in the more ‘popular’ aspects of history.

Because of this diversity, the project includes a blended programme based on disclosure and communication which will be able to reach each target group. 

Awareness-raising and training activities in schools will be carried out with the help of the institutions involved, which will ensure effective communication.  

The second group consists of university students, academics, researchers and institutions working in the field of history, heritage, memory and cultural awareness, such as universities, research centres, museums and archives.

The expected impact of the European Heritage Label would include the addition of a European dimension. The activities of traineeships, research collaboration, conferences and publication of the open access journal Occupied Italy are addressed to this group. 

Public events with a wide target audience, including festivals, remembrance days, performances and exhibitions, are addressed to the third focus group and will be disseminated through the help of local authoritie as well as other channels such as the local and national press, newscasts and online channels. 

Such events have already been organised annually since 2017 and have been very successful.  

Thanks to a project carried out by the municipalities of Battipaglia, Eboli, Montecorvino, Olevano, Belizzi and Acerno, plaques identifying relevant places have been set up as part of Operation Avalanche, all equipped with QR codes that allow a user to find out more information about the place and learn about other sites of interest in the vicinity.

The aim is to extend this experience to the other sites linked to this initiative. 

In addition, general sites (mubat.it, avalancheday.org and progettoavalanche.it) and more specialised ones (mubat.org – exhibitions / occupieditaly.org – academic journal) communication sites are already active.

The project will benefit from the launch of several social channels already credited with tens of thousands of annual contacts.