The on line exhibition on the British Army in Italy: the Eighth Army and Salerno

THE CAMPAIGN IN NORTH AFRICA 1940 - 1943 (E 18522) A British soldier gives a V-for-Victory sign to German prisoners captured at El Alamein, 26 October 1942. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

This exhibition, about the activity of the British Army in Italy in 1943, was born from the will of the Mubat association (the association that has supported the Lands of Avalanche proposal) of making a contribution to the unveiling of blanket of fog settled on the narration of the events concerning the Allied landing at Salerno in 1943.

This has probably depended on a different approach buy the civil society regarding the interpretation of events that followed the landing, the belief, of a large part of the population, that it was the direct effect of a “betrayal”.

Lhe landing of 1943 suffers for the misperception that, as opposed to the Liberation war in Central and Northern Italy, the participation of the Italians in the fight was scarce, thus underestimating the Nazi massacres in the South, the roundups and, above all, the popular uprising in Naples.

Naples 1943 – gasworks, Heritage Lab Italgas (new digitized images)