The Municipalities supporting the Avalanche Day 2022 have signed an expression of interest for “Land of Avalanche”

The Avalanche Day Project 2022, realized thanks the patronage of the Campania Region (POC Campania 2014-2020) by the Municipalities of Bellizzi, Battipaglia, Acerno, Eboli, Montecorvino Pugliano and Olevano sul Tusciano has been presented last 19th January. The project has started on 25th April and made it possible to carry out events and initiatives during 2022 with a great public success. In the meeting held at the Municipality of Bellizzi, the participating Municipalities expressed their interest in supporting the Lands of Avalanche initiative by signing a letter of interest. This agreement confirms the objective of continuing to collaborate in the annual realization of the Avalanche Day.