Fragments in the Lands of Avalanche: the remains of the war

Find here a list of historical sites where it’s possible to find a QR code to access to more information by mobile:

Battipaglia, Santa Maria della Speranza Church: the main spiritual center of the city, destroyed by bombs

Battipaglia, the air shelter: the main refuge built in the center of Battipaglia

Battipaglia, the Railway Station: if was an important center local infrastructure for this reason it was a the critical objectives for the opposite armies

Battipaglia, the Tobacco Factory “Farina”, transformed in a defense asset by Germans

Battipaglia, Roger sector, Amber Beach: the center of the war front where British Fifth Army landed

Acerno bridge –A. L. MURPHY, Medal of Honor, & PFC Lattie Tipton Memorial – theater of an heroic action by a squad of the american infantry

Acerno Maurice Lee “Footsie” Britt Memorial, via Rimebranze – Captain Britt received the Silver Star for his behavior during the battle of Acerno

Acerno sporting area – where Maurice Lee “Footsie” Britt operated

Bellizzi, Sacro Cuore Church – enriched by some painting of Joseph Andreas Pausewang, artist, soldier of the Wehrmacht in Italy

Bellizzi station – a special track was built by the allies to drive supplies to the deposits in the tobacco factory

Bellizzi the “casermette” – Regio Esercito (Royal Italian Army) buildings built on 1941

Bellizzi Angeloni Tobacco Factory – one of the Tobacco Factories network where Germans organized their defense. It was completely destroyed by during the operation Avalanche 

Eboli (Piazza della Repubblica) – the battle for the city of Eboli

Eboli MOA – Museum of the Operation Avalanche

Montecorvino Pugliano – Commonwealth Salerno Cemetery

San Michele Graves – a natural graves in the hill near Olevano sul Tusciano with rural churches

Other Historical places

Salerno City Hall – on 1944 it becames the Italian Government headquarter

Acerno, S.Maria delle Grazie Church – destroyed by allied bombing was the set of the iconic photo of the soldier Paul Oglesby

Paestum Temples- the greek ancient heritage in the center of the war

Bunker defense system – network of armored building of the Italian Army

Montecorvino Airfield – one of the main important objective of the Operation Avalanche

The Underwater Findings – scuba divers can discover some artifacts as a tank, LSTs and the Velella submarine

Other Sites in Salerno

Salerno streets of historical Center

Salerno the “Sanatorio”

Battipaglia – Santa Maria della Speranza bridge

Paestum – defense bunker on the beach

Pontecagnano – The Hampshire road

Altavilla Silentina – destroyed by an allied raid

Buccino – the massacre of children

Campagna – Museo Palatucci and the jewish prison

Vallo della Lucania – Spio Neighborhood

Maiori beach

Vietri sul Mare Beach

Raito – Villa Guariglia

Vietri – bunker on the road to Cava de Tirreni

Pontecagnano Landing Beach

Other sites

Naples – four riot days of Naples

Sarno – the Sarno Battle

All around the world

Salerno Lake – Canada the Devil Lake renamed

Camp Salerno – USA military base in Afghanistan (better known as rocket city)

Salerno Drop Zone – military base Vass, North Carolina USA

Salerno Street – Fort Stewart, Georgia 31315, USA

Salerno drive – Fort Bragg, North Carolina USA

Salerno Ave, Mentone, CA USA (*)

Salerno Road – Southampton,UK

Salerno road – Hilsea, Portsmouth, UK

Salerno Way – Chelmsford, Essex, UK

Salerno Way, Chelmsford UK

Salerno Ave, Stirling WA Australia (*)