A Network of Associations and Institutions for the Cultural Heritage Label

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The European Heritage Label is a recognition of those cities of European cultural heritage, which have a particular symbolic value and play an important role in the history and culture of Europe and in the construction of The European Union.

The Trademark is a special initiative of the European Commission within the framework of Creative Europe, the framework program for culture and the audiovisual sector. The initiative to set up a Committee to obtain this prestigious recognition with a thematic proposal focused on the turning point determined by the events of the summer of 1943 starts from Battipaglia.

The Committee proposes to gather all the municipalities of the province of Salerno interested in the Avalanche Operation.

The central theme of the proposal is the crucial role of Operation Avalanche in the context of the Second World War. The allies, who had landed in Calabria a few days earlier without encountering resistance, faced the first battle on the Continent after Dunkirk in Salerno. The conflict changes radically in September 1943, the South is liberated while the Center and North are occupied by the Germans, the roundups in Italy and in the countries occupied by the Italians begin. The Committee, proposed by the local associations, is working on the preparation of the dossier.