Events 2020

At the beginning of 2020 a long period of strong lockdown began in Italy but our approach helped us, we were already used to managing cultural heritage with technologies. The lockdown hadn’t stopped us

27th january – Event “Memorie” presentation of the InteseSanPaolo project “Memorie Restituite”; witness dr. Michelangelo Russo you the story of his father prisoner in Germany with a reading of his diary; witness dr. Antonio Curci prisoner in Germany

12 th / 14th / 21th / 27th may – on line (during the first lockdown cause by Covid 19)

Events Serie “Missing Memories” technologies and Cultural Heritage in the framework of the Erasmus+ project

13th September -The tradition annual ceremony on the landing beach in Battipaglia with a reenactment performance by more than 50 experts

9th september- Moa Museum of Operation Avalanche remembers the Battle of Salerno

17 october The first edition of the Workshop “Emersione Digitale” with experts in digital management of Cultural Heritage. For University students

16 december – presentation of the digital collaborative project “Avalanche” at Workshop do Essence Academy in Milan