Eboli and the Museum of the Operation Avalanche

MOA, The museum of Operation Avalanche is dedicated to the conservation and study of the memory of the Avalanche operation. The seat is located inside the monumental complex of the SS. Trinità, dating back to the 15th century, and was inaugurated on 9th September 2012.

In its rooms, which occupy an area of about 1,500 m², Italian, German and Allied relics are kept, often recovered in the Eboli area. Private diaries and official documents are also exhibited. The MOA has a space with photographic and filmic images and the so-called “emotional room”, in which, through multimedia, the visitor is transported to the battlefields of the landing.


office: Via S. Antonio, 5 – Eboli (SA)

mail: info@moamuseum.it

website: http://www.moamuseum.it/